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Oweis-D class stereo audio amplifier HT3382

Oweis-D class stereo audio amplifier HT3382
    2024-04-28 11:32:34

The HT3382 is an efficient Class D audio power amplifier. In 24V powered stereo (BTL), THD+N=10% conditions, can continue to provide 2*75W/4Ω power output.

The HT3382 has advanced spread spectrum capability to suppress EMI.

In addition, the HT3382 built-in turn-off function minimizes standby current, and also integrates overvoltage protection, DC protection, short circuit protection, thermal protection and power undervoltage abnormal protection to fully prevent failures.

  • Output Power (BTL)

  • 2x60W (VDD=24V RΩ=42, THD+N=1%)

  • 2x75W(VDD=24V RΩ=42,THD+N=10%)

  • Single power supply system, 4.5V-26V wide voltage input range

  • Over 90% efficiency, radiator required

  • Spread spectrum function

  • Analog differential/single-ended input, stereo output

  • Optional gain :32dB/26dB

  • Protection function: over voltage/over current/over heat/under voltage anomaly, DC detection and short circuit protection

  • Lead-free halogen free package, ETSSOP28, top fin


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