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Oweis - Stereo Class D audio amplifier HT366/HT328/HT338

Oweis - Stereo Class D audio amplifier HT366/HT328/HT338
    2024-04-28 11:38:52

The HT366/HT328/HT338 is an efficient Class D audio power amplifier.

The HT366/HT328/HT338 feature advanced spread spectrum to suppress EMI.

In addition, the HT366/HT328/HT338 built-in turn-off function minimizes standby current, and also integrates overvoltage protection, DC protection, short circuit protection, thermal protection and power undervoltage abnormal protection, which can fully prevent failures.

Output power (BTL mode)

2x22W (VDD=14V, RL=4Ω,THD+N=10%)(HT366)

2x33W(VDD=22V RL=8Ω,THD+N=10%)(HT328)

2x50W(VDD=24V RL=6Ω,THD+N=10%)(HT338)

Single power supply system, 4.5V-16V(HT366) OR4.5-22V (HT328)or 4.5-26V (HT338)

ACF anti-crack function optional (HT366)

Over 90% efficiency, no radiator required

Optional output modes :BD and 1SPW(HT366)

Spread spectrum function, inductive filter free

Analog differential/single-ended input, output mode stereo/mono optional

Optional gain :32dB/17.6dB(HT366/HT328)

Protection function: over voltage/over current/over heat/under voltage anomaly, DC detection and short circuit protection

Lead-free halogen free package, ETSSOP28


Oweis-D class stereo audio amplifier HT3382
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